Our Services

Logistics Service

We arrange offshore /Onshore Rigs ,Tug , Vessel , Bunker barge , Passenger boat , Cruise etc (any marine items) on Hire basis.

We associate with Onshore/ Offshore Helicopter company for arranging Chopper (helicopter) on hire basis, also arrange all clearance from DGCA , BCS and Airport Authority OF INDIA

We provide Logistics support to Onshore /Offshore Rig like Crew moblization by boat ,ship & chopper (helicopter)

BNC also supply Fresh water / HSD Fuel for Onshore and offshore RIGS as well all kind of Ships.

We provide local support service to Onshore & Offshore RIGS company like Transport , Accomodation facilities , bunk house at rurer area, MEDIVAC Chopper arrangement , catering Services on site, Houskeeping , Man power mobilization.